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In Reflection (2017-2019): Life Coaching

It has now been over two years and more than 3,000 conversations with people from all over the world. My pursuit of life coaching was all sparked from one question. How can I create a more meaningful influence through others? From that question, unimaginable personal growth has followed in its wake. Before I get into the actual reflection, let me define a few “terms.” I say “terms” with skepticism for obvious reasons in this day and time. This is my life, meaning I live and breathe this to the best of my ability. I practice what I preach with great intention, crazy concept these days, I know (insert winky face emoji for those who understand.)

That term life coaching for me is just another way of teaching horsemanship to individuals, only without the horse. The new opportunity challenges me to relate my own experience with horses to others in a way, they not only understand but see things from a different perspective in order to improve their daily life. Life coaching continues to challenge me to more positively help influence individuals; regardless of their discipline, circumstances, or environment. In return, leading me to unforeseen growth I couldn’t attain without this new practice.

The phrase I use to break down the title of life coach to non-horse people is that I am merely a guide to the path of self-mastery. That is what any worthy discipline is at the end of the day, isn’t it? Our ability to grow from within ourselves, in order to more positively influence those around us. That’s how I think of the phrase self-mastery and therefore my definition for what I consider to be the real pursuit of horsemanship.

What is horsemanship? It is the endless pursuit of self-mastery through the discipline of horsemanship! The only way that can be achieved is through intentional work every day; studying, applying, and reflecting upon our day to day experiences and those of the past. This allows us to continually adjust our future visions and therefore adapt as we continually progress over time.

This new avenue of personal learning has really been the most humbling experience. The exposure to so many individuals’ trials and tribulations continue to lead me to an even deeper appreciation for every facet of my own life. Therefore, leading me to an even greater sense of compassion for each and every individual’s journey through life.

Through all the learning and growth I have experienced in the past 2 years, the one overwhelming feeling that persists within me is gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunity to speak to so many individuals on a real meaningful level, trying to deduce some sense out of this life, without any outside agendas or distractions. I know how hard It is to trust and believe in other individuals to really open up to, in order to speak honestly to what we have experienced through our own perspectives. For an individual to tell me their truth is a small miracle within my daily life. I will never take any one of these conversations for granted, I think it is the most meaningful thing in the world!

This is where my motivation comes from. The absolute necessity for me to get better on a personal level so I can better serve others. It is not even a question, I have to! If I can’t prove results through the actions of my own life, why should anyone reach out to me in the first place, let alone continue to converse with me? If I don’t continue to get better, how am I supposed to continue to help others? I can’t expect others to come to me on any level if I don’t continue to get better myself.

I couldn’t have grown personally without those individuals who continue to openly converse with me. The individuals who continue to prove their intention through small positive actions in their daily life. A final thank you to those who continue to believe in me. Thinking back to the beginning of this journey, it really brings me to tears that people were willing to let me in their life with complete confidence and trust.

You are my inspiration, showing me the difficult paths each of you continues to endure through to make things just a bit better. That first step to positive change is no joke, the literal hardest, so to watch you all continue to break through each barrier with such determination, feeds my soul. I often wonder who gets more from these conversations and when I do think about it, I sure feel like I should be paying others to chat with me. Thank you for giving me hope, thank you for feeding my soul, and thank you for continuing to force me to get better alongside you!

Please, continue to reach out to me and those around you. I challenge you to really listen in order to ask more meaningful questions to find out others’ real truth. If you do, you will find yourself in them and them in you. Then, all that’s left is growth together! Without a doubt, we need each other for that to happen.

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